We are living in 2019, yet we still see a world full of pointless advertisement where the message is barely sent anymore if sent at all. What is going on I find myself wondering a lot. When did the advertisement companies get so lazy to the point that they not longer care? What is the point if charging huge amounts of money to companies that trust you blindly if you are not going to deliver, or even worst be mediocre about it? We live on the digital age where I believe motivation, creativity, knowledge, and inspiration should be all time high, after all we got to the point in history where anyone, even with the slightest desire can learn. I like to ask my students sometimes, when was the last time you found an ad online, or while watching TV, and you did not want to skip it right away, or be annoyed about it. After all if we make ads that annoy the audience then we are not making real ads.#AdvertisementRevolution#StopAdMediocrity

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