Impacto latin news.

Transforming Businesses

Starting out as one of our first clients, Impacto Latin News has seen amazing growth over the past 10 years. We were able to take entrepreneur Napoleon Anaya and help polish him into the  executive he is today, from initial business plans for a one-man operation to a large tri-state leading newspaper.

Our strategic partnership with Impacto Latin has provided us with some great insights into how high-level executives operate and has provided us with a number of mentors available with whom our clients may partner. Whether you’re a small startup or just need to take your career to the next level, we can get you there.

Ahida garcia state farm

Ahida Garcia State Farm started out by herself and a dream. With our services, she has not only been able to build a successful business, her agency is also now ranked nationally.

Osorio  Consulting

Andrea Osorio started out as a small freelance consulting firm who wanted to teach clients how to effectively market their business for better business gains. Two years after we helped them become a power house Consulting firm.

 Express Signs

Owner John Green came to us   with a problem. He’d made signs for over 5 years, but didn’t know anything about starting a business. We helped him with our Early Entrepreneurs program, and after 2 years with us he now has shops in 4 states.

regional airline

When pilot Marie Chu came to us, she’d already spent several years in business. She needed to create marketing campaigns for her company. Our strategic plan with Regional Airline led them to a +87% in profit annually.